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Welcome To CuDECO

CuDECO Ltd is an ASX listed mining company that specialises in mineral exploration. In late 2005 the company purchased a mining tenement known as EPM 13049 which covers an area of some 2200 hectares. The EPM encompasses numerous old historical copper mines which have over the past 100 years produced exceptionally high grade copper ore and the company has been focusing on proving up this world class copper / Cobalt and Gold resource property which is now widely known around the globe as Rocklands.

In 2006 the company discovered a previously unknown zone of very high copper, cobalt and gold mineralisation which has a strike length today of over 1900 metres. This newly discovered high grade zone of mineralisation was named Las Minerale (Lost Minerals) In addition to the Las minerale project the company has additional projects which are incorporated and located in the immediate area of Las Minerale combined with an aggregate length of Copper mineralisation of approx 10 klms . The combination of drilling and exploration of these zones of mineralisation is being drilled is to define and measured and indicated resource for the Rocklands Group Copper Project.

The other main source of the drilling is being carried out within an area of 700m long x 500m wide and contains five subordinate shears that run sub-parallel to Las Minerale with a width of over 600m. This area is collectively known as "Rocklands Central" and incorporates three main zones known as Le Meridian, Central Rocklands and Southern Rocklands The project lies within the mining tenement EPM 13049 is collectively known as the “Rocklands Group Copper Project”.



Rocklands Group Presentations Rocklands Group PresentationsCheck out Cudeco's list of Video, Youtube and Power Point Presentations.

Here the investor will get an upclose and personal look at the wide ranging aspects of Australia's unique and most significant Copper Project of modern times "ROCKLANDS"